Nativity Illustration from The Good Deed Manger
Story of the Good Deed Manger "A baby needs a bed," Jordan decided. "My empty manger is just the right size, but it needs to be filled with lots of fresh hay so it can be a warm, cozy bed for Baby Jesus." The Good Deed Manger is a Christmas activity that teaches young children the importance of doing good deeds and acts of kindness. This family activity centers on an empty manger during the weeks before Christmas. By doing good deeds, children earn pieces of hay that are used to fill the empty manger. On Christmas morning, they will find Baby Jesus sleeping cozily in the manger they prepared. This Holiday tradition is told through a charming, beautifully illustrated picture book about a young donkey named Jordan who lived in Bethlehem. Jordan sees Mary and Joseph looking for a place to stay and takes them to his stable. Upon learning that Mary is about to have a baby, Jordan and his animal friends work quickly to fill his manger and stable with hay so that Baby Jesus will have a cozy bed. Jordan's selfless act of kindness demonstrates to children how rewarding the smallest good deeds can be. At the end of the story, Mary tells Baby Jesus about Jordan's good deed. Baby Jesus returns Jordan's work with a smile.

Add something new and meaningful to your Christmas by introducing this nativity tradition to your family. Use The Good Deed Manger to create an interactive children's nativity scene that invites and encourages all children to prepare for the birth of Baby Jesus. The Good Deed Manger contains all of the items needed to begin this new Christmas tradition in your home - including a picture book, empty manger, felt hay, plush Jordan Donkey doll, and a sleeping Baby Jesus. With Jordan in hand, children will seek ways to do good in the days leading to Christmas. On Christmas morning, they will run past the presents under the tree to find Baby Jesus sleeping cozily in Jordan's manger. There is no better gift you can give your children.

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