About Us & Our Manger


Like most families, our days are quickly filled with school, sports, clubs, and everything else involved with parenting. But for one month out of the year, we slow down, celebrate traditions, focus less on schedules, and more on the little things. This is the Christmas season - the season we bring the Good Deed Manger into our home.


The Good Deed Manger has been a part of our lives for nearly 40 years. My husband, Chris, was taught this tradition as a young child when he would visit his grandmother in New Orleans during Christmas. Many years later, when our first son was old enough, Chris made our own Good Deed Manger and carried on the tradition with our three boys. Every year since, our Good Deed Manger is placed empty, next to an awaiting Mary and Joseph, on the living room table. And, even though our children are older now, they still do good deeds to earn hay for Baby Jesus - even the teenager. We are grateful to have this positive way to instill these important values to them during their youth.


When family and friends visit our house during Christmas, our family's nativity scene is always a topic of conversation. Chris explains the Christmas tradition, which often leads us to making a Good Deed Manger for them to use in their homes. After doing this for many years, it occurred to us that there are many families who, like us, would benefit from and enjoy a Good Deed Manger of their own. So, we set out on an adventure to introduce the Good Deed Manger tradition to all families that wish to celebrate the true meaning of Christmas - creating a world of love, selfless acts, good deeds, and of course, preparing for the arrival of Jesus.




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